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Grae Drake

Grae Drake began her love affair with cinema as a wee bairn, as she spent every weekend corralling her friends over to the local cinema to see the latest flick. Soon, her hunger for film became ravenous when she starred as an extra in the short film Alexander the Grape, directed by her high school crush that she really, really wanted to impress (she failed, by the way, but she blames the script).

Having sat through everything from The Bicycle Thief to White Chicks, she remains a cinephile with varied tastes (although she has a special love for documentary, as she believes watching them takes the place of paying for grad school). Her undergrad was spent at the University of Texas at Austin, shooting, editing, and producing films that were honored at Sundance and the Directors Guild of America.

You can keep up with Grae at her movie review podcast The Popcorn Mafia, or on Twitter at

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Movie Title Rating Release Date
The Expendables 2 3.0 Can't say "expendable" without "duh" 08/17/2012 Aug 17, 2012
ParaNorman 4.0 Nothing mediocre about this medium. 08/17/2012 Aug 17, 2012
The Odd Life of Timothy Green 2.5 UnbeLEAFable 08/15/2012 Aug 15, 2012
The Bourne Legacy 2.5 Valley of the Dolls with Firepower? 08/10/2012 Aug 10, 2012
The Campaign 3.0 Just shy of a landslide. 08/10/2012 Aug 10, 2012
Hope Springs 3.5 Not a lot of spring in its step, but packs a lot of punch. 08/08/2012 Aug 08, 2012
Total Recall 2.5 Forget it. 08/03/2012 Aug 03, 2012
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days 3.0 One last hurrah in your kid's summer. 08/03/2012 Aug 03, 2012
The Watch 1.5 Cover your eyes. 07/27/2012 Jul 27, 2012
Step Up Revolution 3.5 A Flashy Flashdance Flash Mob 07/27/2012 Jul 27, 2012
The Dark Knight Rises 4.0 Filet Mignon among hamburger. 07/20/2012 Jul 20, 2012
Ice Age: Continental Drift 1.5 Let's make this one extinct. 07/13/2012 Jul 13, 2012
Trishna 2.0 Hit the books instead. 07/13/2012 Jul 13, 2012
ALPS 3.5 Worth the climb. 07/13/2012 Jul 13, 2012
Savages 2.5 Just say no. 07/06/2012 Jul 06, 2012
Katy Perry: Part of Me 3.5 Gumballs and Gravitas 07/05/2012 Jul 05, 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man 4.0 A Spider-Man with bite. 07/03/2012 Jul 03, 2012
Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection 1.5 Madea should go Medea on Tyler Perry. 06/29/2012 Jun 29, 2012
Beasts of the Southern Wild 3.0 Fractured fairy tales. 06/29/2012 Jun 29, 2012
Magic Mike 3.0 The world's meanest bait and switch. 06/29/2012 Jun 29, 2012
People Like Us 3.0 Warm fuzzy slippers for your eyes. 06/29/2012 Jun 29, 2012
Ted 4.0 An inappropriately wonderful bear hug. 06/29/2012 Jun 29, 2012
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World 2.0 Seeking Coherence for the Tone of This Film 06/22/2012 Jun 22, 2012
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 2.5 Fun-diculous 06/22/2012 Jun 22, 2012
Brave 3.5 You'll see red (hair) 06/22/2012 Jun 22, 2012